I am entering a brave new world.

I have been playing serious games, if chess is considered as such, since the age of 4.  Games, board games, have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.  Growing up, I was the one who would read the rules and explain how a game works to my brother and all of our friends.

I’d play anything: RPGs, Euros, wargames.  Wargames are my favorites; monster wargames being the penultimate.  Giant, complex simulations are great fun to me.  That said, I have fun playing just about anything.

I’ve always had fun designing games.  As a D&D Dungeon Master, I had great fun creating new worlds and situations for the players in my crew.  As a wargamer, I had great fun designing house rules and variations for published games.  As a software engineer, I had great fun working on algorithms that would allow for playing complex games on the computer.

Now, years later, I am embarking on a project to bring my various designs and involvements to fruition.  Brick Mill Games is the culmination of a simple idea: make good games.  That’s it.  Make games that people will enjoying playing.  Whether it’s across a board on a table or across the network on a computer screen, it doesn’t matter.

Make good games.

Bring people together.

Have fun.