Now that the initial energy of embarking on a new course has subsided, the real work begins: planning, product roadmaps, blogging to provide information, promotion, learning.  That last bit is crucial.

Product Pipeline

I have five game designs which are in various stages of development:

  • Steel & Steam :: Playtest Stage :: A board game with a railroad empire building theme
  • Running 8 :: Research Stage :: A card game with a railroad empire building theme
  • Rolling Stock :: Conceptual Stage :: An economic warfare board game set in the late 1800s, again with a railroad empire building theme
  • Play Ball! :: Playtest Stage :: A card and dice game with a baseball theme
  • Ten Days in August :: Research Stage :: A board game simulation of the Battle of Liége, August 1914

Over the coming days, I will post specific information on each game.


One of the biggest challenges will be creating the necessary infrastructure to not only design and develop these games, but also publish them. This is where the learning element comes in. I can generate playtest-quality graphics without problem. Generating pleasing high-quality graphics and box art for the games, and in the appropriate format for offset printing, is another thing entirely. Knowing that I can’t do this by myself is another key element. I will need some help and learning how to get that help will be key in the coming days.