For the most part, the storefront site at is up and running.  There is a lot more to be done, but the meat of our product plans and roadmap is there to behold.

In addition to game information, pricing (when we actually ship stuff), photos, blurbs, etc., each game in the catalog will have a status assigned to it.  These will be:

  • Concept :: a game in concept only (aka vaporware)
  • Research :: a game in the research & design phase
  • Playtest :: a game undergoing active play testing
  • Production :: a game undergoing final production design
  • Preorder :: a game available for ordering before final production is complete
  • In Stock :: a game in the warehouse available for purchase
  • Out of Print :: a game unavailable for purchase due to depleted stock
  • Reprinting :: a game undergoing a reprint, possibly with new, updated production work

Currently, we only have games in the first three phases, but the game development cycle has been established.  Until a game enters the Preorder phase, there is no commitment to publishing any title. Schedules may change, designs may prove broken, costs to produce may prove prohibitive. That said, I think it’s a good idea to allow customers a peek into the pipeline so that they know what is in process and when titles may become available.

Hopefully, the future bears this theory out.