I’ve been focused on migrating the Kenware Dice Service to the Brick Mill Games site.  I’ve been making quite a bit of progress and should have the code migrated and modernized and working within a week or so, barring any real life interruptions.

The getquickroll service is running, although the “random” numbers that it is spitting back are simply based on the current time.  It’s a good enough stub function that allows me to return something random-like while I work on the data plumbing.

While I mentioned in my previous post that I was leaving Crucible behind in the dustbin of (personal) history, data verification and validation is still an important enough consideration to manage. I’ve ported the Service Contract idea to the services handling site and am coding the contracts by hand as ideas come to me. After I get a few of these under my belt, on both the server side and the client side, then I can work on building a specification toolchain.

The next big pieces to work on are:

  • Service log reader / handler
  • Real random number generation via getquickroll service and the existing random number pipeline at Kenware
  • Full dice request service support a la existing Kenware dice requests
  • Full Britannia Battle Resolver service (both Gibson/AH & Fantasy Flight modes) a la existing Kenware service
  • Suspension of Kenware service (after 10 years of dedicated service at the dice.kenware.com url!)
    • logs will still be available for 30 days of viewing
  • Migration of database from Kenware tables to BMG tables
  • Full service at Brick Mill Games’s dice site