The Brick Mill Games’ Dice Service migration will occur on Sunday, 17-June.  During the migration, the dice services will down for a (hopefully) short time. Once the migration is completed, the KenWare site will no longer be functional from a dice rolling point of view.  The ability to reference log files will still be active for up to a month.  After the month is up, however, the KenWare site will be deactivated.

Meanwhile, all of the sites are undergoing a new look & feel overhaul. The “red swirls” motif that I was using was based on some prototype work I had done when I was webmaster of Compass Games earlier this decade at a time when I was doing a site overhaul for them. That work served as the foundation of the sites, but has since been completely changed. Now I’m loosely basing it on the Ef WordPress theme that is the heart of this blog.  I’ve added a light green color (‘gumleaf’ in the Resene palette) to our other sites that makes the site a bit warmer and less overwhelmingly white.  I tried to add this color as a background color to the Ef theme, but it gets overridden by other web page structures.  I think this is a bug, but I’m not about to debug a 3rd party theme.  I may fork the theme and modify it to my own wishes, but that’s time taken away from game development and production.

The sites now consist of six domains: the home site, the dice services site, the blog, the TOCS account registration and management site, the Web services domain (not a site per se), and the Git/LFS server (also not a site per se).  We’ve come a long way in such a short time.

Paul Chicoine, the lead designer of TOCS and Development Partner of Brick Mill Games, LLC, will soon be adding his thoughts and design philosophies to this blog.  He is currently writing a series of TOCS-centric articles in order to give some insights into our double-blind game system.  Stay tuned.

Finally, Paul and I and our spouses enjoyed a nice kickoff celebration in Boston this past weekend.  Paperwork related to the founding of Brick Mill Games, LLC was signed early in the evening, making our joint venture official.  After the business was put away, the four of us enjoyed a nice meal at Marliave near the theatre district, then walked over to Long Wharf for a Sunset Cocktail Cruise of Boston Harbor. The weather was perfect for an evening out on the water and we enjoyed ourselves very much.