The expected decommissioning and migration of the dice services from the KenWare site to the Brick Mill Games’ site is being delayed.  With more last minute testing being done by the KW users, some non-RNG issues are being uncovered.

The KW site will not be decommissioned until these issues are sorted out.  While I want to finish this project as soon as possible, I also don’t want to keep returning to it later due to rushing the job now.

On the other hand, I’m going to be in Tempe, AZ at the ConsimWorld Expo next week.  While I will be bringing my laptop to do some BMG things during the quieter moments of the trip, working on the dice services is not on my to-do list for that week.

So, the new personal deadline for this project is Friday, 22-Jun, an interesting date in military history.  I’m hoping the Gods of Irony are busy that day.


Two issues resolved:

  • Single quotes in Comments fields were interfering with the SQL code used to store the request logs (fixed)
  • Email authentication data was stale (fixed)
    • Issues with users trying to attach to Yahoo! Groups led me to change the email address account properties
    • I had changed the password, but neglected to propagate the changes to the Emailer code configuration

With these fixes in place, the migration should be able to take place on the 22nd.