After years of neglect, I’ve decided to migrate the long-running Ken’s Dice Service to the Brick Mill Games site. The reasons behind the neglect and migration are based on the fact that DreamHost keeps its version of Ruby to 1.8.7 on its shared server accounts, which is where is located. Version 1.8.7 of Ruby is an ancient version and, as such, has bugs that I have little power to eradicate unless I wanted to invest the time and effort… which I didn’t. As for why DreamHost keeps such an old version of Ruby around, I suspect that they did not want to support Ruby on Rails sites on shared servers as that framework tends to be a bit processor intensive.

The account is on a VPS, or Virtual Private Server. As such, I can install and maintain the versions of the software I rely on to whatever version I need. The use of a VPS comes at a cost however, a cost that I didn’t want to spend just to maintain a random number generator, even if it is one of the longest-running random number generators ( Wayback Machine — see 16-Aug-2000 journal entry ) on the Internet. With the formation of Brick Mill Games, LLC, however, I can certainly migrate and update the old beast and give it the love it deserves.

Side Note:

Check out the Wayback link for the other journal entries. Yeah, I’ve been mulling over game design and on-line console development for quite a long time.