As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, sometimes I get so busy that I go into radio silence with nary a warning. Currently, in addition to home improvement and vacation plans, I’m working on five simultaneous projects:

  • Preparing Steel & Steam for Beta Playtesting
  • Brick Mill Games website work
  • Dice Server Migration (overlaps with the site work)
  • TOCS (overlaps with the site work)
  • Incorporating Brick Mill Games, LLC

The last bit is very exciting.  According to LegalZoom, who I hired to handle the grunt work, papers have been filed with the Mass. Secretary of State.  Hopefully, it’ll all come together very soon.  Ever since I worked at Omtool, a very small software company and my first job out of college, I’ve wanted to build and run a small company.  With original intellectual property and a business partner and friend with a similar drive, we can finally make it happen.

Ok, enough banter.  Back to work!