Based on user feedback received while I was in Europe, I got off my duff and worked on two tasks that I had left as “do later” tasks after the migration from the domain. Well, later finally arrived.

The first piece was to cull old log files and old dice requests from the DSLogs database. The original service culled stuff that was 30 days old and the process to do this was run as a “cron job”, a task that was scheduled to run everyday. The logic to do this is easy enough conceptually, but I had changed the filename format and the contents of the DSLogs database, so that required a rewrite and I wasn’t in the mood. Besides, to really test it, I needed at least month’s worth of requests, so the wait was somewhat necessary. Truth be told, after a month passed, I kinda forgot about it.

So I wrote the cull script and hooked it up yesterday. One task completed.

The other piece was that the log results viewer was klunky. I wanted a split screen effect where each pane would scroll independently. Instead, the entire viewport scrolled, so that, if you scrolled down to choose a specific request, you’d have to scroll all the way back up to see it displayed. Bogus, but I also wasn’t in the mood to debug it and I, again, forgot.

Well, voila! It now works thanks to a bit of minor CSS tweaking and a visit to, my favorite “why doesn’t this work?” website. While the contents at that site are hit-or-miss, I found an excellent explanation and example of how to do what I wanted. I was *so* close, but I learned about ‘vh’ CSS units and this did the trick.

I have more dice service improvements in mind, and one low impact infrastructure bug that I noticed (zero impact on dice roll results!), but they can wait a bit. Epoxy is calling!