Now that we have completed the metadata for the AttM (Advance to the Moselle) TOCS module, we are moving on with the OMG-N module. Based on the work that was done on AttM, this effort ports those concepts into the next game module. Making a game “data driven” is an interesting concept as it allows the code to become standardized, but also increases the amount of abstraction. So it is a combination of creating documentation that defines the standardization, so that the code can follow a defined methodology, and creating the metadata that defines the game module. This means that the scenarios and OOB are defined as data, as well as the map hexes. The metadata for the map hexes had been completed earlier, and now we are focusing on the module scenario metadata and documentation.

It became apparent when implementing the GameBox.xml metadata for OMG-N just how different the game modules are. Both implemented using the TOCs game engine, but so different in how they play. The ultimate goal from this is to develop a rich set of metadata game definitions that can create many different game modules. Introducing airborne drops and glider landings, Dutch resistance fighters, river crossings, aerial resupply and aerial reinforcements as well as several secrets that occur only during game play, should make this module a lot of fun to play. With OMG-N now almost 37 years old, it is just as much fun to play now as it was then.

For those curious about the OMG-N Module, it is based on the 82nd Airborne Division drop on Nijmegen, Holland September 17th, 1944. As the Allied Commanding Officer you will need to choose the drop zones for three successive drops over several days, drop in broad daylight, secure and hold the drop zones, and capture intact the bridges needed for the British XXX Corps to cross the rivers and canal, in time for the British 30 Corps to reach the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem. It’s always a question of bridges.

As the German Commander the task at hand is to foil the enemy’s plans. If XXX Corps cannot relieve the 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem, the Allied plan will be a disaster, resulting in nothing more than a 60 mile salient to nowhere. Can this be accomplished with the forces available? Can the American hold until relieved? Can the British XXX Corps get across these major water barriers and exploit off of the map to reach Arnhem?

The TOCS system will let you model and play this through a series of scenarios and campaign games, based on the TOCS double-blind system.