After quite a few weeks of getting Canvas up to snuff, as well as a few other code modules updated, the counters for the existing TOCS modules are back to the condition they were at before the big reset.

There’s more tweaking to be done, and my Canvas code modules are only 63% documented, but we’re back to where we were before the big reset.

Big Reset?

The “big reset” was a realization last year at Nor’easter 2017 that the MASL project, as originally envisioned, was more than it seemed.

Paul Chicoine started this project back in 1983 as a way of generating Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) scenarios in the context of a macro, operational layer. At Nor’easter, we discovered that we had achieved his original dream. However, we also discovered that the double-blind system that he and I had created over the years was something bigger than an ASL scenario factory.

TOCS is the big reset. It will be a new double-blind wargame system that will aim to cover a variety of scales and eras. While the big reset is exciting, it also requires a complete overhaul and reorganization of all the work we’d done over the past four years.