Paul and I are attending the Nor’easter XXII Convention in Boxborough this weekend and playtesting the latest rules and tools for the TOCS system.  In spite of some initial technical difficulties, we are both having quite a bit of fun with the game and ironing out quite a few rules.  I’ll post some pictures after the con.

The more I play this game, the more I enjoy it. Even when playing the ’44 Germans in an operationally defensive posture, there are a wealth of tools and tactics that I can employ to keep the Americans off-balance. Can I stop the juggernaut? No. Can I slow him down? Yes. If I can keep him guessing by taking advantage of the terrain, what units I have and the implicit fog-of-war that occurs in a double-blind game, then I can immerse myself in the situation and not just sit and watch as multiple combats whittle my forces to the bone as would happen in an omniscient game. My victories are based on more than just a simple hope of watching my opponent roll bad dice.